CASARA & La Ronge Canadian Ranger Patrol Cooperative Exercise

During this past weekend on Aug 9th-11th/2019, the La Ronge Canadian Ranger Patrol and CASARA held a cooperative training event. This involved working with aspects of ground and air search & rescue techniques in order to facilitate successful training exercises.

12 Rangers and multiple CASARA members met in Saskatchewan (Wapawekka area) to conduct multiple training scenarios related to search and rescue. The focus was on team building, communications, and cooperative training between CASARA and the Canadian Ranger Patrol to display how both air and ground search and rescue efforts can work together effectively. Firstly, training started out with a mock injury exercise where multiple Rangers had to camp overnight with only their “go-bags”, which is small bag containing survival supplies and materials to last roughly 48 hours. After that exercise took place, a downed air plane scenario involving an ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) was used to mock a search and rescue. CASARA was responsible for spotting the downed plane using the locator transmitter signal and extracting the coordinates of the location. The coordinates were then communicated to the La Ronge Canadian Ranger Patrol, so they could get out to the rescue location.

The weekend also included additional air search and rescue exercises for CASARA, including the spotting of multiple targets and successfully landing on Highway 165. This was safely shutdown with the support of the La Ronge Canadian Ranger Patrol. Overall it was a very successful weekend working together and helping strengthen each other!