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CASARA Yellowknife and Hay River support Operation READY SOTERIA

CASARA Yellowknife and Hay River support Operation READY SOTERIA

You know it’s going to be a bad day when… you doze off on your flight from Frankfurt to Anchorage, only to wake up sitting on a rock on the north end of Banks Island, 300 km from the nearest community of Sachs Harbour. That’s what we were simulating on Sept 17-18 as casualties for the CAF’s operation READY SOTERIA.

CASARA provided 12 casualties to supplement DND’s approximately 30 casualties for the bi-annual MAJAID exercise. This exercise helps the CAF practice a response to a major air disaster, for this event they wanted to process 100 casualties from the field incident site by helicopter to the forward base and onward to other medical facilities. Over 200 CAF personal from across Canada participated. Our small contribution helped by providing additional casualties for 2 days of the 3 day exercise. From this event, we got a bit more exposure to Canada’s intended response to a major air disaster. This helps us to promote aviation safety awareness and Canada’s national SAR program. Our members were there, on the ground, as the initial SAR Techs arrived by C130, watched as various kit was dropped and the setup of the MAJAID field hospital while the survivors were triaged and then medivacked out on the Cormorant and Griffon helicopters.

Para Rescue Association 75th Book committee: Thank you

09 July 2018

Frank Schuurman CASARA President
Alton King CASARA VP Finance/Administration


Frank and Alton, on behalf of the Para Rescue Association 75th Book committee, I want to thank you for your very generous donation of $5000.00. As you are well aware, these initiatives do not occur without subsidization and your donation will help greatly in accomplishing this great endeavour.

Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technicians have long enjoyed the working relationship, camaraderie and mutual support that they have experienced with members of the CASARA organisation. This generous donation is once again testament of this great friendship and to the never ending willingness of CASARA to help wherever possible.

Without this very gracious donation, our book effort would not have the viability that it now has. Once again, thank you very much!


That Others May Live


Dan Verret
13th President
Para Rescue Association of Canada

Le 9 juillet 2018
Frank Schuurman Président d’ACRSA
Alton King VP administrative et de finance d’ACRSA
Frank et Alton, à part l’Association de sauveteurs-parachutistes 75e comité du livre, je veux vous remercie pour votre don généreux de 5 000,00 $. Vous le savez que notre travail et nos initiatives ne pourrions pas être possible sans subsidiation et votre don qui sera utilisé pour ces tentatives.

Forces canadiennes de recherche et sauvetage ont beaucoup appréciée l’amitié, la camaraderie et appui mutuel qu’ils ont ressenti des membres d’ACRSA. Ce don généreux est encore un bon testament de l’amitié et de la volonté d’ACRSA d’aider et travailler en équipe quand c’est toujours possible.

Sans ce don généreux, notre livre n’aurai jamais reçu la viabilité qu’il a maintenant.
Merci beaucoup!


Pour que les autres peuvent vivre
Dan Verret
13e président
Association de sauvetage-parachutiste du Canada