Our awards are given to deserving volunteers who display exceptional effort, dedication, and value to search and rescue!

1. CASARA Volunteer Award

The CASARA Volunteer Award recognizes the exceptional service of our volunteers who make search and rescue possible. Member organizations create their own service awards and the winners can be nominated for national distinction. The award can be annual or presented whenever warranted. The winner receives an engraved plaque.

2023 Volunteer Awardee

CASARA NS: Brenda Wellwood

Brenda Wellwood from CASARA NS receiving the 2023 Volunteer Award in Comox, BC

2022 Volunteer Awardee

CASARA Niagara: Gord Tessier

Gord Tessier from CASARA Niagara receiving the 2022 Member of the Year award in Charlottetown, PEI

2020 Volunteer Awardees
  1. PEPAir: Allister Pederson

    Allister Pedersen of Cranbrook, BC receiving the prestigious Member of the Year award for 2020 presented by BC Director General Alton King.

  2. CASARA NS: Jim Sutherland

    Jim Sutherland of Debert, Nova Scotia receiving the prestigious Member of the Year award for 2020 presented by NS Director: Ken Poither & PSO: Verna Wirth

2019 Volunteer Awardees
  1. CASARA Nova Scotia: Ginnette Gaudet

  2. SERABEC: Remi Girard

2. Continuation Pilot Training Award

The Continuation Pilot Training Award Bursiary is presented annually to one of the top graduates of the power pilot training program. The National Air Cadet League accepts nominations from its provincial committee. Each candidate must have completed the Air Cadet Flying Scholarship Course and must be interested in using his or her flying skills to support others. The winner receives up to $5,000 to use towards further flight training.

2020 Volunteer Awardee

Unavailable at this time.

2019 Volunteer Awardee

Unavailable at this time.

3. CASARA RCAF Miltary Coin Award

This award goes to select individuals from our membership that display exceptional efforts within our organization. This is presented co-inside with the RCAF to indivduals for their duty and efforts that go "above and beyond".

See more here: Military Coin.pdf

2023 CASARA RCAF Military Coin Awardees

Bev Williams & Verna Wirth

Maj. Claude Courcelles awarding the coin to both Bev & Verna at the 2023 CASARA ADM.

2022 CASARA RCAF Military Coin Awardee

Gord Tessier

Lt. Col John Coffin awarding the coin to Gord Tessier

2020 CASARA RCAF Military Coin Awardees

1. Mike Blizzard & Oliver Beyer

2. Kym Trask

2019 CASARA RCAF Military Coin Awardees

Unavailable at this time.