Member Organizations

Each province and territory is referred to as a Member Organization (MO) and within that, broken down into zones. We have 104 zone organizations responsible for providing search and rescue assistance.

CASARA Covers 9.985 million km²

Areas of Operation...

CASARA has 13 Member Organizations (MO's) that operate from coast to coast, covering all 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada.

Each MO operates within their province or territory with multiple designated zones. In those zones, CASARA has over 1800+ members trained to assist search and rescue operations and promote aviation safety. Each year they devote more than 188,000 hours to help people lost in the wilderness or stranded on open water. In each member organization there is opportunity for members to join our operations in the search and rescue community. We strive to provide this service to save lives, so that others may live.

Every organization of CASARA maintains their own web site. Some of the Member Organizations (MO's) currently have their website under construction and will be available at a later date when available. Please visit their sites below to learn more about their organizations.

CASARA BC (PEP-Air) (6 Zones)

CASARA Alberta (6 Zones) (

CASARA Saskatchewan (8 Zones) (

CASARA Manitoba (3 Zones) (

CASARA Ontario (10 Zones) (

CASARA Quebec (SERABEC) (12 Zones) (

CASARA Nova Scotia (4 Zones) (

CASARA New Brunswick (3 Zones) (

CASARA Newfoundland & Labrador (2 Zones) (

CASARA PEI (1 Zone) (

CASARA Yukon (1 Zone) (

CASARA Nunavut (8 Zones) (

CASARA Northwest Territories (4 Zones) (