1st Year of our National Newsletter!

After releasing our 4th Issue of the CASARA Connection today, we finally hit our first milestone of officially producing the national newsletter for all members for 1 year!!

If you’re not currently aware, the CASARA Connection is our official quarterly newsletter that is exclusive to our members published in English and French. Every quarter, a new issue is released in our members area to view by our 1800+ members nation-wide. This is accompanied by a mass email to all our members from the National Office on its release, so please check you spam/junk folders for our emails and check it off as “not junk”/ “not spam” to get future notifications on our releases!

Inside each issue you will find articles covering multiple topics such as Search & Rescue News, CASARA News, Operations, Safety, Equipment, Technology & Community, and more! Each article is written by one of our members from across the country. We give thanks to some of our writers to date such as Gord Tessier, Bill Dimmer, Kym Trask, Ken Pothier, Colin Bennett, and Randy Klaassen who have produced some fantastic article pieces for our members! Without the effort from our writers, support from the National Office and President Frank Schuurmans, this newsletter wouldn’t be possible.

The CASARA Connection is a very important piece that we release to our members for many reasons, and a crucial one is ‘connectivity’. Since our Member Organization’s (MO’s) operate independently across the country, we all may have different points of view on Aviation and/or Search and Rescue. We may not know what’s happening in other areas of CASARA other than your own MO. This newsletter gives us the opportunity to connect, share, and learn from each other on the various topics we write about. Whether it’s news on a member or event, information on what is happening at the national level, educational pieces on safety, technology, or equipment, and more, we can exchange that information with all of our members from coast to coast. Especially in a time right now, where we are feeling the implications of the global pandemic, being connected in a “less connected” time as a national organization is very important to focus on and develop ways we can assist in adding a little more “connection” for all of our members. You can think about this newsletter as our “quarterly” update, in which we can all share information with each other for the benefit of everyone involved in CASARA.

Originally with our 1st Issue, we named it the “CASARA Connection” as a pseudonym. Inside the issue was instructions on how to participate with our national online voting on our official name! After the voting period, the choice of keeping it as the CASARA Connection won and we “were off to the races” for issue 2 with many improvements/feedback given to us from the first issue and continued the theme into issue 3.

This newsletter will continue to evolve overtime with edits, changes, special editions, and etc. We just hope that when we release every issue, you have the chance to read it and see the various topics shared, changes or improvements made, and see what your fellow members across Canada are writing about! We look forward to the future of our newsletter and can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for Issue 5!

We'll give you a hint, it’s a celebratory version of our newsletter because after all, this is an important year for CASARA!