Drone Safety Day - Transport Canada Interview

Do you know what day it is today?

Today is Drone Safety Day! Drone Safety Day is aimed at sharing drone safety success stories and highlighting the interesting and innovative ways drones are being used across Canada.

As a proud Drone Safety partner, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association was recently interviewed by Transport Canada as part of their Drone Safety Day Pre-Recorded Webinar Series. Watch our Montreal Director, Marco Laforest, tell Transport Canada what #DroneSafety means to CASARA.

See Here: https://tc.canada.ca/en/campaigns/national-drone-safety-awareness-day-november-13/how-save-life-drones-civil-air-search-rescue-association

Tell us what drone safety means to you as well, and check out Transport Canada’s Twitter Chat at 1pm (EST) on Nov 13th for #DroneSafetyDay!

Transport Canada's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Transport_gc

Drone's have given us new opportunities and ways to search in SAR. It’s important that you fly your drone responsibly to avoid harming others and before you fly or operate a drone, make sure you fully understand the rules you need to follow and review safety tips in the interview.

Remember, drone pilots must carry a valid drone pilot certificate and only fly drones that are marked and registered. If yoi\u have questions about this, there is plenty of information online on how to do that, specifically with Transport Canada here: https://tc.canada.ca/sites/default/files/migrated/infographic_how_mark_your_drone.pdf . Being safe about using this type of technology should always be conducted, this is so that we can successfully use the technology while being safe and use its capabilities in SAR to help save lives. CASARA supports this initiative as much as we can so,

"That Others May Live"