Ongoing Search In The North

This past week we have seen multiple events take place in the north involving CASARA. One of them is in the north west, Yukon and one in the north east, Nunavut. In this story we’re going to look at how CASARA Yukon has been involved with a 70 year mystery on a missing aircraft!

First off, currently in Yukon there is a documentary that is being developed by Andrew Gregg called “Skymaster Down”. In 1954, a U.S military Skymaster C-54 went missing when traveling through the Yukon. Unfortunately, this claimed the lives of 44 people and is still unfound to this day. Since the event there has been various investigators / search and rescue teams that have been looking into this missing aircraft. CASARA Yukon is presently still involved, conducting an annual search into this matter. The great thing about the territory is that they have a data base holding existing crash sites of over 500+ downed aircraft, which is great for reference in comparing to this event.

Image of Military Skymaster C-54 Source:

Even though CASARA Yukon has been involved with this search for the past 6 years, the search continuous to find any indication or lead to this missing aircraft. Presently, nothing has been found, not even a bolt or a piece of metal. Even though efforts are continued on a yearly bases the question still exists: will it ever be found? That’s an answer that time will only tell. In the meantime, CASARA will continue our efforts in the best way we can and hopefully one day say that this is open search is concluded.

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