Our 2020 CASARA Volunteer Awardees!

2020 has been an interesting year with many new challenges and changes with CASARA. One thing has stayed, and that's giving recognition to our volunteers every year that go above and beyond!

The two awardees this year that have shown exceptional efforts into CASARA and the SAR community are Allister Pederson from Cranbrook, BC & Jim Sutherland from Debert, NS. Our Directors From BC: Alton King & NS: Ken Poither have identified the efforts these individuals put into their contribution with CASARA.

Allister Pederson

Jim Sutherland

Congratulations to Allister & Jim for their volunteer award, you deserve it! Thank you for your help within CASARA and all that you do, we are proud to say you are a apart of CASARA.

"That Others May Live"