Success In The North

Besides the event in Yukon, there was a search conducted for a missing hunter recently in Nunavut! This involved John Vander Velde (Director of NU), Koovian Flanagan, Leesee Papatsie, Gerard Nadrowski, and Meeka Mike searching for Robert Joamie.

Robert went caribou hunting one day out in one afternoon. After hearing some gun shots, he believed that these sounds were being fired at a nearby family camp. He actually heard shots echoing from the mountains, thus he was headed towards a completely other area. According to Robert, all he had with him was a gun, ammunition, a lighter and a Pepsi he brought with him on the hunt. With bears in the area and very little food available to him, the 4 days he endured was a focus on survival.

Image from the search - John Vander Velde

Robert noted that during his days of survival, he spotted a HERC fly by him multiple times without seeing him. CASARA NU searched the area where they believed Robert could be all day in a Twin Otter search and rescue aircraft. It was until the second flight conducted that day that the CASARA NU team successfully spotted Robert! It was from there where Robert was brought to his local hospital where he was evaluated. Thankfully Robert was okay and was safe. Thanks to the CASARA NU team and everyone involved in helping find Robert, saving people’s lives wouldn’t happen without each and every person.

As you can see, there has been some efforts pushed this last couple weeks in the north and it’s all thanks to our volunteers who dedicate themselves for the best interest of helping others so that…..

“Others May Live”