A Search Reunion

On June 7th, 2003 CASARA NS Spotter Cliff Gavel was tasked with searching for a missing boy in Yarmouth, NS.

Originally Justin (the boy), was going to bike ride back home from a family members home (approximately 2-3 minutes away). However, he never showed up. After his father was looking for Justin, it had already been hours, making it a serious situation where emotions were high. With the RCMP contacted, an eventual search was launched within the area. CASARA, Ground SAR, RCMP canine units, and others were all deployed to help find the boy as quickly as possible. CASARA members Cliff Gavel, Becky Cottreau, and Gene Hayes were flown in by helicopter to get situated and debriefed on what was going on to best search for Justin.

Recently, Cliff made an effort to reach out to the man who was once a missing boy so long ago. After almost 20 years since the search and rescue for Justin, there has now been contact between Cliff, Justin, and his father. An emotional and heartwarming moment for Cliff and the family, as they recall how a horrific situation turned into a safe return. It's stories like this that showcases why all of us volunteer our time, and that's so "That Others May Live".

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