Maurice Murphy: National RCAF Award

(Left to Right) Lieutenant-General E. Kenny, Commander of the RCAF | CASARA NL President Maurice Murphy | Command Chief Warrant Officer John Hall

A Huge congratulations to Maurice Murphy (Image: center), Provincial President of CASARA NL, on receiving the RCAF Commander's Centennial Recognition Coin. There were 100 coins for 100 Canadians produced for the special RCAF Centennial 100 year celebration. Maurice received 1 of only 7 allocated to 9 Wing Gander.

RCAF Commander's Centennial Recognition Coins are presented to members of the public who are worthy of recognition for the positive impact they have generated within their community, including inspiring others.

The coin was presented on June 14th at the RCAF 100th Anniversary Gala, 9 Wing Canadian Forces Base Gander, by Lieutenant-General E. Kenny, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force (Image: left).

The Coin