National Volunteer Week 2022

It's that time of the year - National Volunteer Week (#NVW2022)

National Volunteer Week promoted by Volunteer Canada takes place this year between April 24th - 30th, helping to celebrate and acknowledge Canadian volunteers from across the country! Canada has a vast history of volunteer organizations, involved with many different industries such as social / community services, emergency services, etc. Although more specifically like us - there are many volunteers within Search and Rescue (SAR).

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Since 1986 when the national formation of CASARA was initiated, we combined groups of Member Organizations (MO's) from the across the country with hundreds of members to form a national Search and Rescue team to help provide "eyes in the sky", covering over 9.985 million km² of area in Canada. That's certainly, no small task! This is why for #NVW2022 we celebrate the efforts you've all made and the community you have built across the country.

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Did you know, CASARA volunteers spend upwards to 100,000+ volunteer hours every single year? That's amazing.

Did you know, there are 1500+ members across the country? All who participate in some way in CASARA to help facilitate our mission - So "That Others May Live".

Your time has helped provide a crucial service for Canada and has increased the capability of SAR in Canada to help save lives. It's you that makes up this organization and what it is today. If it wasn't for your dedication, there wouldn't be the CASARA we have now. It's the community, the people, and what we're all doing to make Canada better by providing our community's SAR efforts.

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This week is all about celebrating you and other Canadian volunteers! Your volunteerism takes notice, and we want to help celebrate the appreciation of all of you. Take the time to remember that you are an important part of this organziation and are critical to our ability to help others in need. We thank you for your time, your sacrifice, and your dedication.

Remember to follow us on our Socials to talk, connect, and engage with the "CASARA Community" online! We will be posting mutiple posts this week to celebrate your volunteerism!